04.27.17Steve High

Ryan: Love your Jack Sully song. I have the original coroner\'s report of Jack\'s death. Long story, but I know exactly what happened. I\'m curious about why you\'re singing about him. I\'m heading through Sully Flats, Bonesteel and Gregory County this June. I\'d love to correspond with you. Please reach out if you want to talk about this.


03.16.17Walter Smith

Am giddy for this new album. Just a plea to ask if you can realise your albums online in a high quality format. Even on your website for a paypal payment would be awesome. I also can't find '3D Collapsing Star' anywhere and would jump at the chance to buy it. Thank you from the UK for your awe inspiring albums.

I do buy albums in FLAC format on bandcamp from other artists but can't see your stuff on there. I have bought whatever I can by you on itunes but would buy again the albums that I have previously purchased if they were available in FLAC because it's a high end quality.

Loving your music Ryan and as I said before am very excited about 3 albums in one year. I'll buy then regardless from itunes but do prefer a high quality download.

All the best for the future and if you ever tour our side of the pond make sure you do Manchester ha ha


01.26.17John von Brach

I recently wrote a review of "3D Collapsing Star" on my new blog. It can be found here: http://hubpages.com/entertainment/Review-of-3D-Collapsing-Star-by-Ryan-Kickland

09.14.16Curt lunn

I found one of your dad's records in pretty good condition Clay County I'm blacksoup on Twitter @myfriendsDeviL. I posted a pic of it I just wasn't sure if you had it or not if so I got it for you.

08.20.16Antonio Cano

Hello i 'm looking for CD's and vinyls bootlegs and rarities warlock group! you have any? Could teach me? warlock band group favorite for me collection thank you.

08.20.16Antonio Cano

Hello i 'm looking for CD's and vinyls bootlegs and rarities warlock group! you have any? Could teach me? warlock band group favorite for me collection thank you.

07.20.16Floyd K Oliver

Mr. Kickland, how've you been? I wanted to touch base with you again. My name isso Floyd Oliver. We met at the Dahl Arts Center. I explained how Jack Sully is my grandfather's grandfather. Anyway, how's everything going? Enjoying this summer?


I can't explain how comforting it feels knowing that no matter where I end up in life or how low I get I can always come back to the simple pleasure of putting on my headphones and listening to your music - thanks for everything Ryan.

03.09.15Matt perdue

Love your music would really really really like to see the mountain on vinyl. I know this is a tough undertaking. Maybe try to kickstart 1,000 copies and for certain contributation amounts include an auto or something additional? I think this could happen. Anyways love your music regardless. Gives me a good feeling, makes me feel more. If a kickstart thing would happen I would be on board and would assume more would too. And thanks for the music!

02.02.15Peter Przybille

Hi Ryan!

Interested in catching trains I watched 16x9 Riding the Rails
and cannot get the song of my head anymore, I love this song and it tokk a while to find out title and interpret. So here I am.
I really would like to play Hear My Train a'Calling on my guitar.
I'm wondering if you could help me with chords/tabs for this song?

Bye Peter

09.26.14Steve Zwemke

Hi Ryan,

Good to hear you new material via Twitter and th web. I'd really like to get a full hour No Cover, No Minimum Radio with you somtime. Keep me posted on any shows, etc. I wish I would've known about tonight's show a few weeks back. We would've probably asked your permission to record! Ditto for Dakota Midday - give me a holler if you have a release date etc.
Steve Zwemke
SDPB Radio

09.14.14Pamela Wood

I am hoping you can help me. I am looking for a song, that I think was performed by you called "Gong". It was used in a promo of the TV show Supernatural, spisode 507 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester. The information that I can find say it was performed by Kickland and Wood. I have collecting the music from the show since I first started watching it. I have amassed quite a collection and would love to add this song to my collection. I have searched iTunes and Amazon and generally scoured the 'net to find it. If you can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

By the way, I had not heard your music until I listened to on your site. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and am going to look for your albums - starting with Songs to Stare Wildly By. Your music has a beautiful, haunting quality that I love.

Anyway, if you can help me out on the other song, thank you!..-pamela >"<

08.17.14Stefanie Graf

Originally found you on CD Baby and I am enjoying your music from afar for some time now. If you have a mailing list, I would like to join, so I can stay up to date with things (mostly new releases!)
Thank you for entertaining me and occasionally giving me things to think about.

06.23.14anthony etherton


You ever need a drummer I'm on the next plane from the UK in a heartbeat.


06.23.14Anthony Etherton

Bitter songwriter...

A fantastic slice of life, thanks.


04.25.14michael spurlin

Ryan, I played music with your dad in Vermillion. I worked at the cop-shop...We did some duo things.....i want to make contact with him....can you help me...


Hi, i'm looking for the text of the song Endless Alley. Could you help me??


It's posibble to find 'This Endless Alley' lyrics? I've been searching so long and I couldn't. Can you be so kind and send mi it? It will be marvelous! :) I'm very impressed, youre voice is amazing! (I'm from Poland an my english is not so good like it should be, so I'm sorry for my misteakes in writting.


Hey Ryan

Any shows planned for June 2014? Im htting US and will travel to watch!

thanx for great songs yo.

02.01.14Cari Andera

I just heard you sing "you'll always be crazy" on White Wall Sessions. Love it! Is this available for purchase anywhere? I looked on iTunes but did not see it.


I'd like to buy some of your cds...

08.29.13Heather Simchuk

when are/will you come to seattle to play music? i'm listening now to the death of jack sully, and i love homesick and i have this idea that you should come and play in seattle. it's almost fall - i'm stuck outside of seattle in my hometown for the next few weeks or so healing from a surgery, but i think you should come to seattle and play - outside, maybe in a beautiful backyard with lots of trees and sky? i went to an amazing 'backyard' concert in seattle this summer that was amazing! inspiring!
i can't believe i'm writing this. i'm thinking of a friends house, and i don't really even know her roomates but i have a feeling i could pull it off. i'm not a musician, but a devout listener. for work i'm an editorial stylist but have lots of friends and some are even musicians ! artists! poets! curators and lovers of life!

anyway, if anything i hope this message gave you a smile. but seriously...COME PLAY!

07.13.13Tim Durkin

Trying to find out where to buy Tar Baby which has a track on it that is used on YouTube video on "how to tie a lanyard knot" by stormdrane.
Can't find it anywhere. Can you tell me how to get it please?
Thanks. Your music is bsolutely incredible

05.03.13Jake Garlin

Love the music on Justified and your song on the soundtrack was great... looking forward to more!

04.04.13"Van" Todd Garland


Saw your ad on bandmix.com. Are you still in Chattanooga? Are you looking to put something together? I play drums with various bands in town but always looking for interesting projects. Pro gear and attitude. Check out my profile. Bandmix.com/drumtoad


03.25.13Karn Piana

Ryan, My name is Karn Piana. Years ago, in 1999 I believe, I lived in Custer, SD and was friends with Josh Hilpert. He had a tape of what I assume was your music which had a song with the lyrics:
"Super Station in the Sun/ Space Station." Does this ring a bell? I suspect it does and I have to say that although I only heard this song a few times it has seared itself into my consciousness and I think of it as an unparalleled psychedelic masterpiece. If this is one of your songs, would it be possible to purchase the mp3 of it from you? Perhaps the entire album it is from in mp3 format?
I seem to remember something about "who is the man in the mirror" (hope this makes sense) in another great song...

I am an artist and my family is from Newcastle.
I read on your site that you opened a record store in the Hills, next time I visit I will try and swing by and check it out. I need to add that your more recent music is truly excellent and the reason that I single out this particular song is because of it's having stayed with me all these years (I still occasionally sing the ghost like filaments I remember). Please pass on a hello to Josh from me. I hope all is well with you and thank you for your time.


I would like to purchase the 2004 Counter Productive album by Kickland & Wood but all I see on your site is a single song from that album. Is there another site that I can purchase from. Also, is mp3 the only way to buy Ryan Kickland's music? I would like to be able to purchase a CD/physical copy.


come to ohio soon!


hi. i just bought two of your albums off of CDBABY, and was wondering if there was a way i could buy them as a lossless format... like FLAC or something. i love the albums. but, i am a weirdo and i love to hear it, like it's meant to be heard. anyway i can do this.... or even a CD. i am in Canada. and .... doesn't seem like anything is available. thank you again for the wonderful songs. love them! S.


Jaw dropping songwriting. This is great.

10.06.12Jim Snow

Your music is like Johnny Cash meets Bob Dylan at Fillmore East. Great job. Drags you in wth the tune and keeps you listening with the lyrics.



06.01.12Gary Holland

In my humble opinion, you've got to be getting some recognition for your songwriting soon. Hear your music on the show Justified and bought everything since. Keep it going, man..... thanks.

05.28.12Rex VanHoose

Can you direct me to a location to buy the new single "In Trouble"?

04.17.12Deb Devil

love your voice man

04.11.12Eric Hanson

Dude, heard your music on justified and it's killer. Just downloaded The Mountain and Songs to Stare Wildly By and both are amazing... telling lots of people about you. Keep the music coming!


I looked up the song, "Carry Me Back Home" on youtube and saw a comment saying we could get some free downloads for siging the guest book. This comment was a year old, is the offer still active? Loved hearing the song on justified.

03.06.12Wolfgang Frank

Hi Ryan,
I just got your e-mail via Linked In.
I would like to have a quick chat with you.
Call me tomorrow at 310 691 6075.
Best wishes,

03.04.12Karl Denker

Just wanted to say love the music and can't wait to hear what you've got coming next!!

02.28.12Southern Gal

I think you may possibly have cornered the market on the best whiskey drinking music of all time. I am so in love with Songs to Stare Wildly By... THANK U!

02.26.12Lora Bell

Love the new song, Ryan... can't wait for the new album!!!!

02.21.12Paul McDonald

Love your music, reminds me of Dylan and Prine, excellent lyrics!


After hearing your song Homesick on Justified I was an instant fan. just got your newest on iTunes and it's excellent all the way through, thanks for all the great music and let me know when you will play in TX!

01.31.12mark elliott

Great music.Really.Thank-you.

01.23.12Jared LIndahl

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee HAW!

01.14.12Adrian Otero

Hey! how are u?... im contacting you from argentina, because i heard (i don't know if the term is right) the song "adios"... but only a bit of the song in one wmv on youtube, i wanna hear the entire song because the little i know of the song... is beautyfull. where i can get the track? thanks, and best regards.

01.11.12Kate D.

I can't decide what's better, your music or your twitter feed! :)

01.09.12Cameron Redfield

Found your music on the show Justified and dug in from there. Looks like I have a whole lot of new territory to explore with your music... love the songwriting, the voice and guitar work... can't wait for the next album!


11.20.11Ben Gimbel

BAD ASS music, man!!!!


I am very interest to buy TAR BABY and SONG FOR ABSTRACT.But they are not found even in MP3.
Thank you for your music gives me a very pleasant time
PS: I am living in France.

10.04.11Helen Parish

Ryan, I fucking love you. This is not the profound comment, by the way, This is a comment that has been made for years. I will never forget the Halloween show back in Bend when you commented from stage about the devil costume I was wearing. I felt like a superstar.

10.03.11Tommy Craig

Well done old boy. My apriceation for you and your music are boundless! Peace!


Hi, Can you email me when Animalcule songs become available? I really want to download the Cerebellum CD. I heard Omniciye on a soundtrack for an Indie Short film on Youtube and had to find this. Thanks. Tj

09.09.11Underground Records

Underground Records
6412 Hwy 140
Adairsville, GA 30103

09.06.11Ryan Wilson

Someone told me these coulats make me look gay

09.05.11Gideon Lucas

Hey Kickland its me from facebook, I was asking about the tabs to your song Homesick. I'd like to pay tribute to your music at my school's Music Festival by playing your song! Thanks again!...

09.05.11John Benson

I hope the Muse never leaves you. There is only one higher path than Music, and nothing leads more directly to that path than Music.

That's not true, but it's been helpful to me.

09.03.11John Benson

Does the weird/profound comment contest extend through Labor Day? Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking... but only hitting very low levels on the weirdness scale, and not getting a blip on the profound. Reminds me of the pressure I felt completing a paper on Aesthetics at Augie for a philosophy prof who was the literal version of a human Spock. He taught his own book in Logic class. Anyway, in desperation I get high and write of the effects of Neil Young
music, love of bark and leaf, and the pleasing flight of Frisbees. Turned it in late at night to his home after missing class that day. Got a "B". I still think it had to be that I was a handsome lad and he was almost certainly a closeted gay man. George Bowles was his name. Picture a young Leonard Nimoy with a pencil thin mustache.

Now that I think about it, there was far more pressure writing that paper.

09.02.11Mary Benson

The only thing I ever asked my husband's permission to do was to divorce him.

09.01.11David Christopherson

I once listened to your Mountain album while shaving my beard and the music made me keep on shaving until my chest was bare. Any my gut. I'm not sure what that means.

09.01.11Bob Garneau

Only *you* can prevent people.

09.01.11Jim Kennedy

I wish they would remake Big Trouble in Little China with Emilo Estevez as Jack Burton, Danny McBride as Gracie Law, and Mel Gibson as Lo Pan. Kickland does the soundtrack and has a cameo as "security guard #2."

09.01.11Jesse Kanner

Death stalks us all. We will all surely perish. The question is: will the ones we love most preceed us?

08.31.11Helen Parish

I have a 170lb English Mastiff with her head resting comfortably in my vaginal area. The problem with this is, despite the obvious, is that my L5 is herniated, sciatic sending jolts of electrical agony down my leg, and I so love this dog I allow her to rest peacefully... including snoring and drool~ while popping pain pills like candy.
I love Kickland.

08.31.11daniel moore

fuck i need some good music. i've been living in china for two years going on three. so yes free music is good.


I'm Tony and your music makes me lonely.



08.31.11Ryan Hilliard

There I was standing on the street corner smoking my cigarrette and wearing my hat. The street lamps were dim and it was raining outside. I knew that my long grey overcoat had seen better days. Unfortunately, I had smoked too much marijuana roughly an hour before I left the bar and it was taking its toll. Arnold Schwarzenegger was also there, in my mind. He said I was a warlock like Charlie Sheen. I couldn't help but shout, "WINNING!"

In my mind, Arnold and I parted ways..."Get to da choppa!," he yelled. "See you at the party Richter!!!" I replied as I tore his arms off and threw them down the elevator shaft.

End Comment

08.31.11Bill Craig

I should win your weird comment contest because my stomach is hungrier than I am.

Thank you.

07.30.11Mildred Sully

Where did you get the idea for the Death of Jack Sully. Jack Sully is my grandfather and I wanted to know where you got your information.

07.28.11Jenni Darby

The new album is sooooo good. Hope to see you live soon!


I wanted to see if the music playing in this video belonged to you since it was mentioned that it was your work. If so I would like the name and to be able to purchase it.


I wanted to know if the music playing in this link belonged to you since someone in the comments mentioned it was you...
If it is I would like to purchase whatever cd its on...
Let me know thanks..

06.15.11Ryan Kickland

Thanks Kyle... will do. Gracias, David... I'll let you know next time I make it down South.

06.15.11DAvid Adkins

Love the music... If you ever need / want drums or perccusion while in or near Nashville, TN let me know. Anyway I can help. Keep recording!

06.02.11Kyle T-Bone

Great show in Denver... please come back soon man

05.27.11Ryan Kickland

Thanks Curt and Coleen... glad you're enjoying the tunes and I'll work on getting up north for some shows next year.

05.07.11Curt and Coleen Smith

Bought your latest via iTunes - a really great CD. Ragged Wolf, Bitter Songwriter, This Endless Alley... - can't pick a favorite; they're all great. You're a very special talent.

05.06.11Joel Groninga

I love Sonic!

04.30.11Thomas K.

Very excited for the new album... you truly kick ass live!


Bitchin' man.

03.26.11AdriAN Otero

Hello, im adrian from argentina ...
i accidentally reach to your web searching from a song...that maybe you plays
i think the song is called adios...

is this song yours

03.12.11N Brown

Did you try to get ahold of me on myspace? I had 3 messages in my inbox, but they all said "This profile has been deleted". That's all. I'm guessing it was some kind of problem with myspace, but since there were 3 of them I figured I'd ask, just in case.

03.11.11Corrinne Sully

Jack Sully was my great-grandfather. I was totally blown away by your song. Occasionally, I do a web search, just to see if there is new information out there about him. I would like know if there is a familial link between you and Jack, or if he was just a legend you wrote a song about. It seems that the children of Jack and Mary did not keep in conact as adults. Therefore, the following generations do not know each other very well. Please contact me.

02.14.11rick kenney

hey ryan can you get the cd and be sent to peoples house

01.27.11Kenan 'Psychopathologically' Grant (ed) :)

The riffs are superb! I have, of late been advertising your music, if you can consider that; by giving your name, which is your E mail address, to some friends of mine, workers at the Pueblo West public library! They told me that they were interested in listening to your music! I'll get back to you later, on the reception of your audionautics!
I am singing in St. Paul the Appostle Choir, and am planning on sharing this E acct. with my bandmates, too. Like somebody said, sometime, "Free advertising is good for something..." I am pretty sure someone has said that sometime or another. AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME! lol! see you! - Kenan of the Grant

01.18.11Thomas Merten

Dear Ryan,
is it also possible to buy a cd from you?
Thomas Merten

01.09.11Michelle & Robert Kennedy

Hello Ryan...met you briefly at my brother-in-law's memorial service and your talents were being shared...My husband and I wish you much success, as you are sincerely talented!!!

12.27.10Kevin Craig

Ryan....great stuff! I look forward to the new album! Your music is like Yoga for the ears......It puts you in a state of hypnotic calm and focus.When you head out on your World Tour make a stop in the northwest :).


You're amazing...I'm patiently waiting for the new album.

12.23.10Stephen Nalder

Great work. You should be on a large stage with hundreds of thousands of screaming fans that streach out as far as you can see. If you see me in the crowd, give me a nod, a wink, or toss me a pick. Seriously great stuff man. Keep it up.

12.23.10Heather Lewis

cool music....and i can say i knew you when...

12.13.10DeJ Miller

Your music, your words, your voice..............all great...........you speak to my heart..............favorites so far are ragged wolf, the bitter songwriter, and just about everything.....................blessings brother..............you are great! Keep up your work..............don't let ANYTHING stand in your way.............or you will never be satisfied in this life. trust me. DeJ

11.21.10Dave Heuser

what did you do the last time you were inspired?
Not giddy, or happy or wired
what did you do the last time you were inspired?
did you face the crowd and fear you would be called a liar
what did you do the last time you were inspired?
did you sit and think, get up and drink, just say you're tired
what did you do the last time you were insipired?

I'm inspired everytime I come to your site, and I could use to be inspired more often. Thanks Ryan.

10.30.10rick kenney

the music is awesomewhen you listen to it makes you calm and relaxed like sitting on your porch just looking at the sky


I love your music, your voice, keep it up, when are you coming to Houston or Austin?


i enjoy your music,nice voice

08.05.10bob koenig

good stuff

08.03.10Trenton Griffith

i like your music,ryan.

07.28.10Sarah Riley

Beautiful beautiful work. Excited for the future!

07.27.10Frederick Moe

Thank you so much for the awesome promo cd. I have written a review on my newly revived blog: www.seldomheardradio.blogspot.com ... keep making awesome art. Peace ~


Your music kicks very much ass.

06.29.10Sean Coyne

Hey Ryan,

I'm editing Dante's documentary. Can you send an MP3 of "Home Sick On The Mountian" & "Many Less Than Nothing" for now. I know he mentioned you are going to re-record that but I'd like to see part of it with the footage. Thanks for your help with this project.


Glorious, truly glorious music...!!!!


Ryan, Josh Hilpert said you could do music for my documentary/film. ASAP
I can be reached at (605) 343-2522.
- Dante, Crow Productions

06.16.10Joshua Michael

Ryan, the music is amazing! So glad for more than 1 reason now I watched Justified. Keep them coming, Homesick is SICK...

06.14.10romtin erfani

Hey Ryan. Another Justified user here saying I love "Homesick" as well as your other tunes. Great ambient music. So serene. Please keep it up, I'm loving your stuff!

06.08.10Mary McKeown

Hey Ryan,
Great to hear the voice again. i have not heard it since well I guess it would have been my jr year in Vermillion. I must say I have enjoyed it very much! I have my kids listening to it and they are diggin it as well. (that's a littel amazing that both the 7 year old and the 14 year old both like it! ) Keep it up we will be waiting for more!


I happen to catch your link of Facebook..went on to your website and I love the music I'm hearing....you've got a new fan and as soon as I get the chance I'm going to pick up your albums...Great job!!!

06.03.10Matt Epps

Hey there,
Just caught a quick clip of your music on Justfie I really like it. Do some shows in Seattle!!!!

06.02.10Kathy B

I am really enjoying your music, which I first heard by clicking an ad on Facebook. I was impressed with the message you sent me on there as well. I will be following you and wish you the very best!
your new fan in Maine


Saying hi again! I just purchased "Wood Carvings" and I'm loving every second! I have been pulled in to Folk music by you, and the introduction was memorable and spectacular. Thank you!!!

05.31.10Debra Morgado

First heard you on "Justified"; when you contacted me on Facebook I immediately came here to hear more! Your music is addicting, Ryan, thanks so much for sharing....

05.31.10Frederick Moe

Greetings Ryan

My name is DJ Frederick and I am the community program manager at low-power / college radio station WSCS 90.9 FM in New Hampshire. Our signal reaches the towns of New London, Springfield, Sutton, Grantham, Wilmot, Sunapee, Newport and parts of other surrounding towns. The station website is www.colby-sawyer.edu/wscs. My program is called Seldom Heard Radio and features a freeform blend of independent music from the 1960s to the present.

While browsing for music on the CD Baby I discovered your recording "The Mountain" . I think most tracks from The Mountain would be musically perfect for my broadcasts. The clip I heard of "Mountain King" really resonated with me since I consider myself a mountain man of sorts, just not as physically able to traverse the wilderness as I once was.

Neither WSCS nor myself have a budget for music acquisition therefore I am writing to inquire whether you might be willing to send a promo cd for airplay.
If you’d be willing to send a promo cd my address is: Seldom Heard Radio 36 West Main Street Warner NH 03278. Mail sent to the college is fine but generally takes longer to be delivered to the radio station in summer. The station’s address is WSCS 541 Main Street New London NH 03257. Many thanks for any consideration you give this request! Wishing you much creative energy!


Hey Ryan,

I heard your song on Justified. Is that a different version from the record? It's stripped down and the vocals are higher. Is there a way to get that version?

It's a great song. Thanks for writing it.



Loving "Homesick"! Great music, keep it up!

05.28.10Domo G.

Heard the song homesick on Justified. Great song, other stuff is really great too.

05.16.10Matt Rankin


Would you be interested in an informal gig on June 25th or 26th? Also, I definately would like to do something Labor Day weekend. We can put a band together now that the hemp hoe down is over; I have some players around for this great music you are making. Had I found you sooner, I would have booked you.

Matt Rankin

05.10.10Stephanie Westin

Heard your music for the first time today. It's great! Better believe I'll be getting a copy of the records.

05.05.10Jennifer McGuire

I just heard your music for the first time! you are incredibly talented!
Love it!!



Thanks for listening. The song, "Ancient" is on the album "Estranged" which can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby. Enjoy!


Hi there,

I heard the song Ancient perhaps a year ago and never knew who the artist was. Its been stuck in my head and occassionally I find myself humming it. What album is this song on ? I'm very happy to have found out who the artist is thats making this great music and I've got a funny feeling I'm gonna like listening to more...

04.21.10jim angell

I Love your tunes


Love the voyage your music takes me on!


Thanks to Colonel jack Ive listened to the whole cd. Loved it!

03.18.10Colonel Jack Staples

I truly enjoy "Woodcarvings". A good friend gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years back, and it quickly became my all-time favorite album. It still is!


Good shit, man... real good.


Ryan, saw you listed on Niel Youngs site. Found you by accident but like your stuff. If you have a mailing list, put me on it so we know when your new album comes out.

01.11.10Dave Heuser

So why was I not advised that While you were Sleeping was created? What a cool song! Hypnotic, kind, warm, happy little tune. Thanks for the great music and I look forward to a show in the near future (and if you need any basic guitar help, I bet I could be taught some easy riffs!) See ya around, thanks again!

01.11.10Mr. Listener

Hey heard you on Jango. Great songs, wondering are you playing Seattle anytime? Thanks

01.04.10Paul Gray

Keep up the groovy music man!


Heya just wanted to say I bought Living stones on itunes and it's amazong stuff. 21st century lullaby is right on!! thanks


I just added you to Wikepedia under the phrase "animalcule"

11.17.09Dave Heuser

It is for music like this that gives me hope for the future or Dakota rock. Thank you Mr. Kickland, Thank you!

11.16.09Ryan Kickland

Hey, Gianluca...

I sent you a message, but in case it didn't reach you, that song was from my 2001 album, "Living Stones." It will be available for sale on iTunes and CDBaby.com in December. Thanks for listening, and thanks to everyone else for stopping by and saying hello.


10.20.09gianluca vaini

my name is gianluca and i'm writing from italy. I recently listened to one of your songs: 21st century lullaby. I found itwatching a video in youtube, and after having listened to it i tryed in every way to donwload or buy it, but i didn't find it..........where can i buy or download it?????? i really really love it
excuse me me for my bad english
write me soon please


Hey Ryan, I like your new Offical Band web page and tunes a lot.


Enjoying to visit your site and to listen your creations , Ryan !
Thanks for the invite to check , my friend .

Best regards ,

08.28.09Marc from Liverpool UK

Hello. I have just accidentally discovered Ryan Kickland and Animalcule. I would appreciate it if you could let me know how to buy the music (albums, recordings) of these artists. I have only heard a handful of songs on MySpace etc but I know I will be really into all of the stuff. I am in England and so therefore have not been exposed to this great American folk/psychedlic rock music.

Best wishes,


Love the music!


good stuff. elm talkin' is talkin' to me right now.

07.20.09Victoria Smith

Loved it!


I'm grabbing my skateboard and hitting the streets for old time's sake.


Do you remember Kansas City? That has been going through my head all night. Now I have bear fight and way to the wine to contend with. Just excellent music, and perfect for my dreams, If I can ever get to bed....thanks RK

07.15.09The Mountaineer

The sketches of The Mountain I've heard make me long for the opportunity to traverse further peaks and valleys, under a clear and luminous celestial canopy.


Your songs are great. I've been listening to the wood carver for a long time. "Look at all this wood"

If you're ever looking for an opening band in Seattle or Tacoma send me an e-mail.


Wonderful site -- fresh & profesh! The new tunes are excellent! nice pics; would love to see some more classic shots. And I didn't see any info on the Arnold extreme encouragement workout album...sad!

07.06.09Dave Heuser

I love it all! I could listen to your music all day, every day. Not only the music but the images as well are just so cool. Thanks for sharing YOU with us!


Nice stuff kickland. Makes me want to grab my tent and heat up into them Cascades.

07.03.09John von Brach

Man this is some epic, EPIC-ass stuff you wrote! It is too bad my enthusiam for your music is not a virus...otherwise you would own the Neverland Ranch by now.


Local boy done good. Local boy done us proud.
A lovin' spoonful of music; that's what's going on here.


I suppose you think this makes you a legitimate musician now?

06.29.09Jeff Hovden

Very cool site! Love the music!

06.29.09Shari O'Keefe

All this poetry -- embedded in the student who did not share. You are amazing and so is your work. I am only sorry I did not tell you long ago. I am so proud of you.


Hey Ryan, great job on your site! Enjoying listening to your music! Erica

06.29.09the admiral of potroasts

wowsa! that's a fancy website! new stuff sounds awesome! i'm gonna learn 3-d studio max and use your songs for my cartoons! hooray! :)

06.29.09Maxwell Tucker

The new site is awesome, new music is even better. So glad you've finished a new album! I love the Woodcarver and Homesick videos.

06.29.09Ryan Parsons

Nice site Kickland. You continue to be artistically prolific.


I hope I got this right! Nice website.... did you design this yourself?

06.29.09Craig B.

Hey kickland... digging the new site. lemme know when your playing in oregon


Awesome! Love the new songs! "See the world doing things you've never seen before,"...nice! Good to know you're still out there!

06.28.09Lois O'Grady

Voice like an angel, voice like a spirit, voice like a blond child. Woodcarver is my favorite...gram

06.27.09Captain Hero

I'm just having a look around and it's nice to see all these things!


Love the music.