08.21.17New Kickland album, "Special Magic" now available!

Hello friends... the new album, "Special Magic" is now available for digital download on CDBaby, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, etc... also, ALL Kickland albums are currently available for only $5.99 each on CDBaby.

Album Description: Ryan Kickland's 2017 release, "Special Magic" is a collection of strange rock n' roll, sci-fi psychedelia, swamp funk, electronic beeping and just a dash of lonesome Americana thrown in for good measure. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, this may well be the weirdest album to come out of Western South Dakota in the late summer of 2017. All of us here in Ryan Kickland's brain hope you'll agree. Caution: this album contains references to a romantic relationship with a musical instrument, human annihilation, magic, homosexuality, a disembodied brain in a jar, Satan and computers. Now, please enjoy some Special Magic.

06.04.17Slight delay on release of "Special Magic"

Update: Undortunately, we ran into a few issues with the mastering of the new album "Special Magic", so we're working to get those remedied and still put the digital release out by the end of June. Sorry for the delay, but when you're doing everything DIY, sometimes them's the breaks. Stay tuned...

02.06.17New Kickland Album On the Way... and more.

Greetings, folks. After spending the last several years writing and recording a rather massive amount of material, I've consolidated the music into three separate projects. This year, I'll be releasing three different albums; a special lil' rock n' roll album in the Summer, a strange & mysterious electronic album in the Fall and an alt-country/folk album in the Winter. The first of these albums is entitled,"Special Magic" and will be out on CD and digital in May of 2017 with a vinyl release to follow later in the year. Check out the video section or my YouTube channel for a sneak preview with a track from that album called, "The Only One." More to come...

04.26.16Ryan Kickland live on The White Wall Sessions

Watch Kickland perform his song, "The Valley" live from the Icon in Sioux Falls for the Different Folk Records release concert. The White Wall Sessions crew was on location to film the show...

04.01.16Get your copy of the Official Justified Series Soundtrack...

Grab yourself a copy of the Justified Series Soundtrack featuring music by Ryan Kickland, Ganstagrass, Dave Alvin and more. Available on Amazon, iTunes and wherever fine soundtracks are sold.

12.01.15Ryan Kickland on Instagram

Ok, I joined the cult. Follow me on Instagram... mainly if you're interested in relentless photos of my record collection, but I'll also be slipping in some of my music stuff as well.


11.16.15Joe Tlustos Review of Different Folk Records Launch Celebration

Follow the link to read a review of the recent Different Folk Records launch celebration by Joe Tlustos...

11.06.15Different Folk Records Launch Celebration Announced

Come celebrate the launch of Different Folk Records, with live performances by:

Jack Klatt (MPLS)
The Union Grove Pickers (SF)
Burlap Wolf King (SF)
Jami Lynn (Spearfish)
Ryan Kickland Music (Rapid City)

Each artist will have a song released on a split 7" record available at the show. Icon Event Hall and Lounge, Sioux Falls, SD

Doors 7pm
Music 7:30pm

10.01.15Kickland to be featured on new vinyl record label release

A new vinyl record label launching in Sioux Falls, SD will feature several 7\" record releases by artists including Ryan Kickland, Burlap Wolf King, Jami Lynn, Jack Klatt and The Union Grove Pickers. Kickland will share a split 7\" release featuring his song, \"The Valley\" along with Burlap Wolf King\'s track, \"You Can\'t Be A Byrd If You Can\'t Fly.\" Releases are anticipated for November. Check out differentfolkrecords.com for more info.

08.01.15Frank Carroll talks Craigie & Kickland

Follow the link to check out a nice write-up in the Rapid City Journal about the recent Ryan Kickland & John Craigie show.

05.20.15Kickland to open for John Craigie May 29th

Check out a great show at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City, SD on May 29th. Ryan Kickland will perform an opening set for John Craigie on his electric tour at 7:30pm...

11.10.14Check out Ryan Kickland live at Rumours in Rapid City

Ryan will be playing a free show from 7-9pm on Saturday, 11/15 at Rumours, a new coffee & wine (and BEER) bar in Rapid City. Come on by.

Rumours Coffee & Wine Bar
5509 Bendt Dr. Suite #305
Rapid City, SD 57702

05.02.14Preview of Kickland's new album "The Dark 101"

Ryan is back in the studio working on the long-overdue new album. Check out a preview of a studio take in the "videos" section and hear Ryan perform the title-track "The Dark 101".

04.29.13Ryan Kickland live on SDPB performing two new songs...

Listen to Ryan perform two new songs from his upcoming album and talk about vinyl records on South Dakota Public Radio's "Dakota Midday" program today. Follow the link to hear it...

02.27.13Live concert and Ryan Kickland interview on SDPB - Follow link to listen

Click on the "launch related site" link to check out a live concert from Sept. 12th, 2012 at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City, SD, featuring the line-up of Ryan Kickland, Jami Lynn & Dylan James. Following the concert, listen to an interview with Ryan Kickland.

01.08.13Kickland's song, "In Trouble" on Justified series soundtrack

Ryan Kickland's song, "In Trouble" is featured on Madison Gate Records' release of the FX television series, "Justified" Original Soundtrack. Download it on Amazon and iTunes... lots of great tunes by some excellent artists.

08.15.12Gracias, Amigos!

Many thanks to all of you who have posted about Ryan Kickland on your social media sites, shared the video links, iTunes links, website links, Twitter posts, etc. and generally helped to get the music out there. After some more recent Kickland music featured on shows like "Justified" on FX, "Dateline" on NBC, "Disappeared" and "Facing Trauma" on Discovery, and "Gone Until December" on DirecTV, there is more and more exposure happening out there. Yet, as always, word of mouth from the people that enjoy and support the music is the most valuable exposure. Please keep sharing and turning others on to the songs and THANK YOU KINDLY for all your support!

02.25.12More Kickland music on "Justified"

Listen for Kickland's new song, "In Trouble" on the FX series "Justified" next Tuesday. You can also hop over to the kickland.com music section and listen to the song right now...

01.10.12It's a KICKLAND music buy-a-thon!

It's that time of year, kids! Time to sink into a dark, lonely post-holiday funk and roll around in a pool of liquor with the sweet, lonesome sounds of Ryan Kickland playing you off into a black void of unconsciousness. So... ACT NOW! Follow the link or search Ryan Kickland on iTunes or Amazon to download all the Kickland albums for a guided tour of the shadowy new year carnival.

Happy 2012!

12.27.11More Kickland music out there in TV land

There's more of Ryan's music being licensed around TV land, and in some strange places... Listen for Kickland's music on The Travel Channel's "No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain", Dell Computers Small Business Features, Dateline NBC and "Inside the PGA Tour" on the damned Golf Channel... a perfect fit, if you ask me... yeeaaah.

11.20.11Listen to Ryan live in concert...

South Dakota Public Radio's "On Record" closed last week's show with an entire live performance by Ryan Kickland at the Dahl Arts Center in Rapid City. They also played a great live performance from Boyd Bristow & Kenny Putnam from the same concert... follow the link and check it out.

10.10.11Kickland featured in South Dakota Magazine

A segment about Ryan Kickland and the new album, "Songs to Stare Wildly By" will be featured in the Fall edition of South Dakota Magazine. Be sure to pick up a copy or subscribe to the magazine by following the link. Also, Ryan will be playing at a few festivals this Fall... the Blue-Green Environmental Awareness Festival in Pierre, SD and the Dakota Wine Festival in Vermillion, SD in August and the Americana Music Festival in Rapid City, SD in September. Check the "shows" section for details.

07.04.11Happy 4th of July!

It's been a busy summer of live shows, travelling, camping, hiking, grilling, more shows, recording and beer. If you haven't been able to make it to a show, follow the link below to check out the Kickland YouTube channel for some new 2011 live videos. Also, keep an eye out for the September/October edition of South Dakota Magazine featuring a piece on Ryan Kickland and the new album. Eat lots of grilled things today and don't lose any damn fingers.

04.30.11Songs to Stare Wildly By is Here!

The new album is finished and available on CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon and more... "Songs to Stare Wildly By" is a hard-hitting, heart-string tugging, story-tellin' romp through Kickland's musical and lyrical wilderness. Fans of folk and Americana, particularly artists like Dylan, Cash, Prine, VanZandt and Tom Waits will certainly enjoy sinking their teeth into this gritty classic. Click on the "order" section to download your copy from CDBaby, or go grab it on iTunes or Amazon. Physical CDs will be released in June.

04.18.11Kickland Music Featured on "Waking from the American Dream"

Check out author, performer and speaker, Kelly Carlin's fantastic radio show, "Waking from the American Dream" (title inspired by her father, the late, great George Carlin) live online or on iTunes. She also happens to be a fan of Kickland's music and is playing it on the show... great conversations, music and though-provoking entertainment. Follow the link.

04.02.11Kickland Interview on SPB Radio

Ryan Kickland and artist Sarah Riley Radio Interview - "On Record with Matt Weesner" on South Dakota Public Radio. Ryan and Sarah talk about their respective art forms, their backgrounds and their upcoming show together... airs April 2nd, at 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central or click the link to stream it.

03.28.11Ryan Signs on with Talent House

Kickland just signed on with Talent House, LA based Licensing company helmed by industry veteran, Staci Slater. Ryan joins a great roster including, Sigur Ros, Riceboy Sleeps, The Panics, Kingston NZ, The Catherine Wheel, Rob Dickinson and more.

02.08.11Follow Ryan on Twitter

Ryan Kickland is now "Twittering". Click the link to visit Kickland's Twitter page, or just follow @ryankickland on Twitter.

12.23.10"Songs to Stare Wildly By" is coming

The release date for Kickland's newest folk album, "Songs to Stare Wildly By" is set for March of 2011. Ryan is currently in the studio finishing work on the record and will be announcing show dates for Spring/Summer of 2011 on Kickland.com early next year. Be sure to check out some of the songs and videos from the upcoming album in the music & videos sections. You can also get a sneak peak on Kickland's Facebook, ReverbNation and YouTube pages.

12.20.10Check out "Dream Shadows" on PBS Television

The film "Dream Shadows" by Dante Volpe is a surreal piece about Chief Red Cloud's youngest living descendant and the power of dreams in Lakota Sioux culture. Ryan Kickland provided the soundtrack for the film and it will begin airing on Public Television networks across the country in 2011. Check out the first airing of the film on December 26th on South Dakota Public Television at 9:30pm CST.

11.23.10Check out the Ryan Kickland ReverbNation page...

Click the link to the right and check out the new Ryan Kickland ReverbNation page. Music, videos, reviews and more... Help spread the music by linking the ReverbNation site in your Facespace, Mybook, Twitbox, or whatever the hell else you use to tell people things and satisfy your voyeuristic hunger.

10.01.10Leonard's Lair review of Kickland's album, "The Mountain"

Check out another review of Kickland's new psychedelic rock/folk album, "The Mountain" by British music column, "Leonard's Lair." Click the "launch related site" link to read the review... order the album on iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby.

From the review...

"Kickland’s heartbroken vocal whilst on ‘A Wide Open Space’, he dispenses with ambient touches completely; instead projecting himself in his most vulnerable form and with spine-tingling results."

-Leonard's Lair

09.13.10Seldom Heard Radio's review of "The Mountain"

Kickland's new album is "the release of the summer." Check out another review of Kickland's new psychedelic opus, "The Mountain" by Radio DJ and blogger, DJ Frederick Moe. Click the "launch related site" link to read the review... order the album on iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby.

From the review...

"Journeys like The Mountain may tip the scales in the direction of personal and environmental healing."

"Kickland's songs are simultaneously universal and intensely personal. His music is wonderfully masculine, as the musician calls forth this inner magician, warrior, king and lover. One doesn't stumble across music this deep very often"

09.09.10Musical Happenings

Kickland's music will be featured as the soundtrack for the film "Dream Shadows" by film-maker, Dante. The film is a journey into the dreamscapes of Chief Red Cloud's youngest descendant and a unique look at the Oglala Sioux people. It will begin airing on Public Television in November.

In addition, Ryan is back in the studio recording his new album, "Songs to Stare Wildly By." Check out some new tracks in the music section and stay tuned for updates...

07.05.10Subscribe to Kickland's YouTube channel

Click the link to the right and subscribe to Kickland's YouTube channel... check out all the current videos and keep up with new videos as they are uploaded. It's just the right thing to do.

06.23.10More New Tunes On the Way

On the heels of the release of Kickland's new psychedelic folk/rock album, "The Mountain," Ryan is back in the studio recording his next album, "Songs to Stare Wildly By." Preview a track from the album by checking out a music video for a new version of Kickland's powerful and thought-provoking tune, "Honestly Now" in the video section.

Also, check out the music section and preview the new song, "So Damn Happy." You'll be happy you did... damn happy.

06.02.10Leicester Bangs Review of "The Mountain"

Click the link to check out a review of Kickland's new album, "The Mountain" from the UK online music mag, Leicester Bangs.

From the review...

"Unsurprisingly, The Mountain has no shortage of standout moments. “Mountain King" rocks like the ‘70s and album closer “A Wide Open Space" signs the album off in a gentle, reflective mood. I suspect Ryan Kickland maybe the real deal."

05.31.10New video posted from "The Mountain"

Click on the link or hop over to the "videos" section to check out the video for "Out in the Wild" from the new album, "The Mountain." Enjoy!

05.25.10Find Ryan Kickland on Facebook and Twitter

Check out Ryan's Facebook fan page by clicking on "launch related link" to the right or search for "Ryan Kickland" on Twitter... he'll be waiting for you.

05.17.10"The Mountain" has arrived!

"The Mountain" is a brand new album by Ryan Kickland, loaded with 18 tracks of psychedelic folk and rock music designed to take the listener on a journey of both an outer and inner wilderness. Check out Amazon, iTunes or CDBaby to preview tracks and download the new album!

This album features Ryan Kickland playing all of the instruments and some fantastic cover art by David Kitzler.

Click the link in this news bulletin to order The Mountain!

04.14.10Kickland music on FX's "Justified" Episode 10

Ryan Kickland's song, "Homesick" will be featured on the new FX series, "Justified." Check out episode 10 coming soon and listen for Ryan's music to set the mood... you can buy the song (which is on the "Wood Carvings" album on iTunes. Also, the long-awaited album of lost tracks, "Estranged" is now available on CD Baby and iTunes!


Check out iTunes, Amazon.com or CDBaby next week for the long-awaited release of Kickland's "Estranged" album, filled with lost tracks and alternate takes from 2000-2009. Also, "The Mountain" is about to be released in May! Stay tuned and check out tracks from both albums on kickland.com. Don't forget to click on the comment section to sign the Guestbook while you're here...

03.07.10New Music Video for "A Wide Open Space"

Check out the new video for "A Wide Open Space" in the videos section of the site. Big thanks to Aaron LaPointe for creating the video... enjoy!

01.06.10New Download Section on Kickland.com

Pssst... hey you... want some free Kickland music? Check out the new "goods" section of the website and download a free Kickland song from every album! Listen, enjoy and share with your friends.

09.11.09The Mountain Approaches Release... and MORE!

Kickland is close to finishing his 2009 psychedelic concept album, "The Mountain." In addition, Kickland had licensed his 2008 ambient album, Songs For the Abstract" with Rumblefish. Obtain the rights at Rumblefish.com. Finally, Kickland has also begun recording a new instrumental analog synth-rich, rock-fusion-funk record full of quivering bits and hearty chunks. Stay tuned for details!

06.23.09"The Mountain" is coming...

Ryan is currently recording his newest full-length psychedelic-folk album, "The Mountain." It's a concept album, of sorts, designed to take the listener on a musical journey of the natural world. The listener is positioned as the subject of the story; a lone explorer adventuring through a variety of terrain and concurrent introspection. Each track explores a different element of the natural world, following the explorer’s progressively expanding consciousness.

The record is anticipated for release in the fall of 2009. Watch for a string of new show dates following the release of "The Mountain." Special thanks to artist David Kitzler for providing the superb mountain artwork for the album.

06.20.09New KICKLAND.COM site launch!

Welcome to the new digs... have a look around at the new official Ryan Kickland music site and leave your guestbook contribution in the "comment" section. Keep checking back for new media, news updates and other malarkey.

03.23.09Kickland releases "lost tracks" collection

Ryan has released a new 10-track album of "lost tracks" from the last 6 years. The album, "Estranged" contains an assortment of temporarily misplaced or abandoned tracks from Kickland's solo recordings. There are early versions of a few tracks, some previously unreleased songs, and an out-take or two from the "Living Stones" and "Wood Carvings" sessions. Watch for order information in early 2009, as well as song samples on this site.

01.25.09Kickland signs licensing deal with Rumblefish

Ryan signed on with music licensing company Rumblefish. Click on the link to license Kickland's music for your own twisted purposes!