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This is a guide to Ryan Kickland's musical works. If you are new to his music, this discography will provide an outline of each album to help you explore the terrain. Should your exploration take you beyond his solo material, this discography will also eventually include Animalcule albums and other exciting and strange musical collaborations/projects involving Ryan Kickland. - Order Kickland music on iTunes and Amazon!

“Songs to Stare Wildly By" - 2011

"Songs to Stare Wildly By" is a folk music powerhouse. This 2011 release is a hard-hitting, heart-string tugging, story-tellin' romp through Kickland's musical and lyrical wilderness. Fans of folk and Americana, particularly artists like Dylan, Cash, Prine, VanZandt and Tom Waits will certainly sink their teeth into this gritty, authentic album. Kickland plays all instruments on the album, which was produced in his studio located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

“The Mountain" – 2010

A departure from straight acoustic folk music, "The Mountain" is a psychedelic-folk concept album, of sorts, designed to take the listener on a musical journey of the natural world. The listener is drawn into the shifting dimensions of the subject of the story; a lone explorer adventuring through a variety of terrain and concurrent introspection. Each track explores a different element of the natural world, different adventure, following the explorer’s transforming consciousness and expanding perspective. Kickland plays all instruments on the album, which include guitars, vocals, synthesizers, drums and percussion and an assortment of strange folk, world and classical instruments.

“Estranged" – 2009

This album is a collection of previously unreleased tracks from the “Living Stones" and “Wood Carvings" recording sessions, as well as a few other random "lost" tracks. This album consists primarily of folk and blues music. This one is chalk-full of hidden gems and some alternate versions of Kickland favorties. Preview some samples in the music section!

“Songs for the Abstract" – 2007

Visual artist Jared Lindahl needed a score for some “living painting" art films and he called on Ryan to provide the music. This is a collection of atmospheric, ambient and psychedelic instrumental music. This album is quite a departure from Kickland’s typical recordings, and should be quite an interesting addition to your Kickland collection.

“Tar Baby" – 2005

This album is an ode to Kickland’s very first electric guitar, “The Tar Baby." A pawn shop Phoenix Electra guitar that was aptly named by Ryan’s uncle, artist Joe Prescher. Ryan wanted to capture the guitars warm and liquidy tone, while experimenting with very limited equipment. This is a primarily instrumental and improvisational album, with only a few tracks featuring vocals, but a great showcase of Kickland’s stylistic feeling on the electric guitar.

"Wood Carvings" – 2004

Wood Carvings is a psychedelic folk album with in impressive assortment of memorable tunes like, “The Woodcarver", “Message to the Warden", “It’s Been a Long Week" and “Train Car." This album features very unique instrumentation and story-telling and is a consistent favorite among Kickland fans. This is a gritty, dark, story-tellin' folk album from the strange side of the tracks.

“Living Stones" – 2001

This is Kickland's first solo folk album. The album is a grass-roots folk record featuring powerful lyrical content and simple instrumentation; vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica. This puppy will hit you in the guts. Fans of early Dylan, Gutrhie, Cash, Prine, VanZandt, etc. will surely enjoy it.

"3D Collapsing Star" - 1999

This album was a real psychedelic onslaught. A very strange record, this was Kickland's second solo album, and was recorded prior to the formation of Animalcule. 3D Collapsing Star includes favorites like "It's a Bowievel" and "Squire's Red Fire," to name a few.

"Rosenhort" - 1998

Kickland's first album was a mixture of bizarre psychedelia and hints of his future folk endeavors. Find classic Kickland songs like "Space Station" and "Candy Striped Kitchen" on this record.